Lulwa Al Hidiq

Lulwa is a seasoned professional in Immigration Law, Audit and Advisory Services, and Corporate Governance with firsthand experience in long-term strategic planning. She is a leader and a team player, and her strong profile and skillset have led her to be elected as the first-ever female Chair of the CAPIC Board, a national association for Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants that played a pivotal role in achieving the Federal Statute for the profession.

Lulwa is also a past Certified Public Accountant from the California Board of Accountancy (not currently designated) with over 10 years of professional experience in public accounting in multi-national firms with global exposure. She is very vocal, a lobbyist, a strong advocate, and anyone who knows how much she enjoys a challenging discussion. Her love for advocacy and the law has led her to pursue her Law Degree from the University of London, UK as the first step towards advancing her career as a lawyer in Canada and her GPLLM at the University of Toronto is the cherry on top. As a lobbyist, she is very often called upon to attend key stakeholder meetings with high-level members from all levels of government, including but not limited to CBSA, ESDC, IRCC, and IRB in addition to other political parties to advocate for our clients and members.

Lulwa is always in pursuit of ways to advance her skills, to learn, and to share her knowledge with others, as she believes that collectively, the profession is stronger and that is how we mature and evolve.

Our regulator changed from Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council to the College of Citizenship and immigration consultant:

Hassan Mohammad

Hassan is a licensed immigration consultant based in Toronto. Prior to venturing into immigration practice, Hassan worked in the corporate field in Canada, Europe, and the Middle East for more than 20 years assuming different roles ranging from corporate finance director to business risk consultant and business assurance advisory practitioner with the Big 4 firms.

Hassan, through Altoria Immigration & Business Consulting Inc., provides services in all areas of immigration, refugee, and citizenship matters and has a particular interest in business immigration programs in addition to express entry system, international students, complex family immigration,spousal sponsor ships, H&C and refugee cases.

Professional Experience:

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) 2019 – To Date
Altoria Immigration & Business Consulting Inc.

  • Providing consultations & taking over processing cases in all Canadian immigration matters by assisting individuals interested in immigrating to Canada for business, work, tourism, or study. Also providing immigration services to Canadian corporate clients interested in hiring foreign talent.
  • Extending duties and responsibilities to include determining the most appropriate immigration strategies based on clients’ profiles and emerging needs
  • Ongoing support to clients throughout their immigration process by nurturing open communication and meeting in person and/or online in a timely
  • Ensuring completeness of all immigration forms (latest versions) and supporting documentation being prepared for submission to immigration authorities
  • Managing a high- volume work load of complex cases
  • Drafting legal correspondence including inquiries, responses and submission letters directed to IRCC, Service Canada & CBSA
  • Ongoing legal research to stay abreast of any changes in procedures & requirements in multiple jurisdictions within Canada
  • Leading multiple concurrent projects on both a domestic and international level
  • Taking a leading role in administrative duties when it comes to client file review & analysis, & database updates
  • Ensuring client billing is current at all stages and approving issuing invoices, receipts generated by the accounting department to be sent to the client based on the mutually agreed schedule per signed service agreement as well as assuming the lead accounting contact with the company’s external accounting/Tax professional
  • Writing articles for various community-based magazines addressing questions of concern and topics of interest in an ever-changing environment in terms of new programs and policies in Immigration as promulgated by the Government of Canada.

Business Development Manager 2014-2019
Altoria Immigration & Business Consulting Inc.

  • Providing professional bookkeeping and accounting services with due emphasis and a personal touch and friendly approach with a professional communication approach addressing clients’ needs and concerns
  • Preparing Financial Management Reporting as needed by the Management Team

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