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We understand that sometimes you do not need to retain the full services provided by an immigration professional, but merely require guidance or clarification regarding certain immigration related matters. There are other times where you merely require the opinion of a professional or even assistance in tracking the status of your application.

At Altoria Immigration, we are very flexible and are available to respond to your questions via email, phone or skype.

To initiate this process, send us your question via email to initiate an Initial Consultation Agreement – ICA, to discuss your case. The purpose of the ICA is for the RCIC (a) to learn about you and your immigration needs based on the information you provide; (b) to answer your questions to the best of our ability; (c) to identify your options and to the extent possible, analyse the costs and benefits of those alternatives; (d) to help you determine your course of action, if any; (e) to discuss our fees and terms of representation if a consultant-client relationship is to be established after the meeting; and (f) to determine the next steps in the process, as appropriate.

The initial consultation fee is non-refundable. It represents professional fees in relation to the matters mentioned above and is paid upon signing this Initial Consultation Agreement and prior to scheduling a meeting; payments can be made online but alternative arrangements can be accommodated. Our billing is based on the value that is being created for our clients. We look forward to hearing from you.

Following the initial consultation, if you agree to retain us, and if we agree to provide services to you, then we will prepare a separate, more detailed Retainer Agreement to be executed by both parties. The new Retainer Agreement will supersede this ICA and will set forth the terms and conditions of our representation of you, including our fees and the specific services to be performed by us.

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Would you like to know if you are eligible to immigrate to Canada? Do you know that there are over 60 separate immigration streams offered under the Provincial Nominee Program alone and much more including the Federal Programs.

If you are found to be eligible and would like to proceed, we will then determine the relative fees based on the program(s) selected.

Please note that accuracy is very important when entering your details in order to reasonably determine your eligibility under the specific program(s).

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