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Canada is an immigrant-based country and every year, accepts more than 200,000 immigrants that come to this country looking to make it their home. We all leave behind loved ones, families, friends and colleagues in the hope of attaining a better future, higher quality of life and peace of mind. Your decision to immigrate to Canada is an exciting opportunity but also a great challenge and for that, being adequately prepared is of paramount importance.

As former Canadian immigrants who have gone through the process of immigrating and integrating in Canada, we understand the challenges and obstacles that newly landed immigrants face and thus hope to transfer this knowledge to you. In this country, it is all about knowledge; knowledge of the law, knowledge of your rights, knowledge of your obligations, etc. It is easier to plan when you know what you have available at your arm’s reach.

Altoria Immigration is a Canadian based firm working towards helping individuals attain their dream of working, studying or permanently immigrating to Canada. We are authorized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to give advice and / or represent our clients when dealing with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, or the Canada Border Services Agency.

Lulwa Al Hidiq is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and a full member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council, membership number R510766.

You may wonder, so if CIC has everything online, then why do we need to retain an immigration consultant? Well, the answer is that you are not required to retain an immigration consultant and more so, your application will not receive priority processing if you do retain one. However, Immigration law in Canada is one of the most complicated Acts, Regulations and policy and to add to that, the various programs may be confusing if you are not knowledgeable of immigration law. Immigration can be very demanding in terms of accuracy. Added to that, immigration programs are very dynamic and constant changes and amendments are happening and so if you are not aware of the whole circumstances, chances are that errors will be made, wrong decisions will be made or incomplete applications will be submitted. Such errors slow down your case in a system that is already full of backlogs or worse, it could result in a refusal of your application.

Thus, there is a benefit of having a professional consultant by your side, to help guide you through the various application processes and attaining peace of mind.

At Altoria, we help guide you through the various immigration programs and ensure that you are well informed in order to make an educated decision regarding your immigration options.

Our global exposure in many countries around the world makes us more empathetic to various cultures.

Our exposure with multinational firms has shaped our professional character and thus we “mean what we say” and “deliver when we promise” and these are our promises to you.


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Would you like to know if you are eligible to immigrate to Canada? Do you know that there are over 60 separate immigration streams offered under the Provincial Nominee Program alone and much more including the Federal Programs.

If you are found to be eligible and would like to proceed, we will then determine the relative fees based on the program(s) selected.

Please note that accuracy is very important when entering your details in order to reasonably determine your eligibility under the specific program(s).

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